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The development of UAE has led to a huge scope of development where the biggest of brands have established themselves and allowed for other companies to grow and scale new heights. They have allowed companies with different and unique USP to reach new heights. We here at Apptology are doing the same with providing the companies to scale new peaks with the perfect app designed and tailor made for your company.

Apptology believes in delivering cutting edge apps with excellent view and UI/UX design which not only works good but looks good while doing so.

We are the best android app development company in Dubai and one of the best android developers in UAE. We are able to achieve this status with a team of dedicated android developers who are not only creative in approach but fast enough to deliver on time all the time.

We create apps on both the android and IOS platform, so that you can tap into the both the market of Android phone users as well as the iOS users. The scripting language is different on these applications so we hire individual designers for each app program. We believe in projecting the upmost quality and maintain the standard we project.

Not only we create apps for phones, but we work for apps dedicated for smart watches too. Catering to a larger audience these days is the Smart Watches and hence projecting a greater number of users for these apps. More users have always been good for business.

The quality of our work can be projected with the given clients and the apps we designed. The apps we create are the portfolio for our business and the clients we have are the certificates of sure shot excellence and superiority. We have delivered more than 450+ projects and have catered to many big firms present in the international market.

International markets hold a lot of potential and allows the business operator to achieve greater points in scale and this can be done by the apps we design which have the international credibility and allows you to tap into the market providing alternate solutions to all your market needs.

We not create apps but websites to make your business more accessible. According to stats 3 out of 5 users prefer website over apps to reach business services. Hence designing a website is always profitable, but a bug-less and smooth website is very profitable. We design a website with the same expertise as we do for the app. Web Designers who work tirelessly to create beautiful websites.

For any query do contact us on the website- www.apptology.ae


mobile application development kuwait

Apptology, the premier app development company is here in Kuwait. We can provide the necessary interface and design for your idea. The given market for apps is very profitable and if you have an app, you can easily tap into the consumer markets of every format. We are one of the leading app developers in the current market and have successfully completed many projects both of international and domestic clients. After having success in the US, UK, and Dubai markets we have set our eyes on the Kuwait market for developing apps and providing app-related solutions in Kuwait. Our services are not limited to the corporate world but also to the Start-ups and upcoming companies. Having provided world class solutions to Kuwait Businesses of industries ranging from I- T firms to Logistics to Radio Communications, etc. The importance of having an app in today's market is very important as it provides your business to tap into the personal and corporate area of international markets. The very fabric of successful business is being the part of App based business. We provide the most cost effective pricing for the app development and any other services in the Kuwait market. We implement a rigorous method in each step of app development process, from Idea feasibility to Final Appstore Push. From the app architecture to design and implementation we have a complete transparent design and we are able to implement the exact design of the client& idea and imagination. Apptology had started their business back in 2004 and now after having successful work history in US, UK, and Indian markets, we  have established themselves in the Kuwait business- diaspora. Not only we have 450+ projects under their belts but have a CMMI level-3 maturity certification which demonstrates the quality of work and shows that they follow international standards of compliance which allows you- as service provider to take your business into the worldwide standard.

Top 10 App Developers in Kuwait and other adjacent Arabic Countries –

On a given day, a person spends more than 3 hours on their phone. This data may seem not so insignificant at any given point of time, but from a business point of view, it holds a lot of potential. The only way to tap into this rich user database and consumer demands is by having an accessible application aka an App. This is the most profitable way of turning around a business as you can interact with a customer directly via the app.

Kuwait has always been a place of successful start-ups and provides the world with one of the highest GDP per capita. This allows any strategic business firm to get a greater amount of profits. This huge database of rich, high class user can be accessed by the App. But just creating an app doesn’t allow you to maintain the business rather having the exact application on the consumer phone is more accurate.  This successful development of app can be catered by many companies in Kuwait, but here are the Top 10 app development companies to satisfy your need for an App.

  1. Apptology-

This app development company in Kuwait had started their business back in 2004 and now after having successful work history in US, UK, and Indian markets, they have established themselves in the Kuwait business-diaspora.  Not only they have 450+ projects under their belts but have a CMMI level-3 maturity certification which demonstrates the quality of work and shows that they follow international standards of compliance which allows you- as service provider to take your business into the worldwide standard. They not only create apps but also design UI/UX , websites and many more in a very versatile and budget pricing. Apptology has worked with many Middle-Eastern firms to provide with great cost cutting solution giving them an edge over others in this list. They even have offices in Dubai.

  1. Fingent-

This 2003 app development company has been an old player in this market. These years have provided them many different situations and how they can handle those. They believe in maintaining a successful client list with not only better I-T support but with apps smooth enough to handle a better and larger amount of daily users. They have successfully completed 250+ successful projects with a lot of professionalism.



  1. Hyperlink Infosystem-

This company is one of the best quality app developers present in the given market and serves the tray of apps over a wide variety of devices and OS. They have constantly improved their work pace and have established themselves with apps ranging from logistics to ecommerce to healthcare to logistics. They have completed more than 2000+ apps including 2D-3D games and much more. They a dedicated set of IT professionals who are constantly serving the existing list of clients.

They have a good knowledge of the given markets and can optimize the needs according to that.


  1. Apphitect-

Being one of the younger companies in the list, they have a solid advantage in their side, that is the creativity and this allows them to venture into new horizons, giving the business of the given client to have a greater set of advantages over the existing competitors. They have a better team of developers who are always able to deliver on time without any whatsoever delay. This dedicated team also develop websites and CMS programs to cater to different clients.

  1. Incubasys-

This company is one of the well established one in the list. They are one of the great app developers with a greater amount of successful database. They have focused highly trained officials who are constantly evolving the very grounds of app development and are able to give really smooth app development process. The very development process of app is very transparent and from idea stage to direct implementation.


  1. Fuzz-

Another one of overseas company trying to break into the Kuwait market of app development and working with new clients. They have a mixed team of international developers who are constantly striving to perform better over the given period of time. They are constantly working to improve their current status despite being new in the app developer’s community. They are very thorough with their approach and have a transparent development process. They can provide great app development over a fixed period of time with cost effect solution.


  1. Lickability-

It is a mobile app development firm with 5+ years of experience who can deliver app development on different OS and can cater to different profiles. Not only that, they have worked with big names like Jet and Meetup. The name of the firm is quite different than others but don’t be mistaken by its casualty as they are very professional with there approach. They have great deal of experience in terms of UI/UX design.

  1. Traffic-

Like the name suggests this app development Company can work to stop traffic. This firm has been working tirelessly for last 5+ years and has established itself over with the successful competitors in the current market. They can work with different modes of OS and can cater to your need for website development too. They have worked with many different companies and are looking to tap into the Kuwait market of app development.

  1. Fugenx-

This is one of the 10+ years companies in the list. They can deliver different range of app requests over the time and are very successful over the integration of new modules and are taking care of their older and new projects in the same respective sense. They also have given years of experience in Web development and can deliver on new products and services.

  1. Safa Consultancy-

Like the above new found companies, this one lies right in between those app development companies in Kuwait. They are very effective in their approach and are very punctual with deliveries. They can turn your ideas into real life scalable projects which can generate profitable sum.

  1. Design Master-

The last yet not the least company is very proficient with app developments and can develop successful app designs which can generate revenue. The team of app developers are proficient in their approach and can develop finely tuned app which have almost no buggy problems and are very smooth in working. They have been working in the field of app development in Kuwait market for a long time now and have established quite a reputation for that.

Mobile app development company in uae

Apptology is leading mobile app development company in Dubai. Our team of best app developer will provide you app development solution on iOS and Android platform.